Welcome to 3K1A Strategies, We’re here to move your message forward!

The team here at 3K1A Strategies is excited that you stopped by our website! As you browse our pages, you’ll learn that we are a communications strategies and public affairs company that believes that ‘teamwork makes the dream work.’ We specialize in public engagement, event management and digital strategies – but we don’t stop there.

Whether you are hosting a conference or summit – launching a start-up, a non-profit, a restaurant or a coffee shop, we will treat your project like a campaign – and will give you the tools and strategy to move your message forward. Our mission is to help you reach your target audience, keep their attention and win their support.

If there is a project you think we can be helpful on, please let us know. Perhaps you’re trying to expand or re-develop the brand for a product, or gearing up to run for office, or want to improve the internal and external operations of your organization – we can help. Individually, we all have our lanes of expertise, but as a team, we pack the punch.

We look forward to helping you knock your project out of the park!


-The 3K1A Team



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