Helping to Perfect Your Communications Strategy
Matthew Metz is a communications and field strategist who helps candidates and electoral campaigns reach and exceed their goals. Matthew has served on the teams at Democracy for America, the Democratic National Committee, Obama for America, and the White House office of Management and Administration. In addition, Matthew was the youngest elected Vermont delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention and previously served as the National Director of Communications with College Democrats of America. Most recently, Matthew has worked with Tom Steyer’s NextGen Climate Action, Partnership for Burlington’s Future, and managed the D.C. field program for tech start up

My Vision
Matthew’s vision is to engage as many individuals as possible in your campaign through an innovative and data driven outreach and communications strategy.

Campaigns, businesses, and non-profits alike benefit from a well-crafted and sustained outreach strategy. We will help you identify your target audience and develop a comprehensive outreach plan to engage them in your efforts and initiatives.

Nation Builder Expert certification, earned media, web design and management, communications and field strategy, coalition building, youth outreach, fellowship and internship program development, campus organizing, data management, GOTV strategy.