Helping You Make the Connection
Kouri C. Marshall is a campaign strategist who believes in people centered politics through grassroots empowerment. Kouri served as the Campaign Manager for Anita Bonds for DC Council, a campaign that relied heavily on digital organizing in order to communicate to voters, but more importantly to hear from them – Bonds won by ten points. Prior to that, Kouri served as the District of Columbia Director for President Obama’s re-election campaign. Kouri is recognized for his ability to analyze data in order to develop and execute public engagement strategies. In addition to these experiences, Kouri previously served as a Regional Field Director for the Truman National Security Project clean energy campaign and was elected as a Hillary Clinton Delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention, representing the state of Illinois.

My Vision
Kouri’s vision is to help you ‘campaign smart.’ Corporations, civil societies and political campaigns success hinges on reaching the right people – he looks forward to helping you reach your target audience.

Campaigning and organizing should respond directly to the hearts and minds of the people we are targeting. We should do more than contacting folks to promote our message, we should also listen to them so that we are making the connection.

Campaign and organizational management. Constituency outreach and field management. Grasstops facilitator and coalition building. Organizational development, budgeting and effectiveness professional.