Menu of Services

Our team has over a decade of experience in message development, campaign strategy, and website management. Whether you are a campaign, non-profit, PAC, or business, we can help you achieve your goals. Check out our services below.

From helping create your field plan, recruiting and training campaign staffers, to message development, and data analysis, to GOTV, we can help you every step of the way to running a strong campaign. Our services include:

  • Field plan development
  • Message development
  • Creating and implementing strong voter registration strategies.
  • Voter targeting
  • Data analysis and management
  • Database management & training (Votebuilder, Nationbuilder, Blue State Digital, NGP VAN, MailChimp, and more)
  • Constituency outreach with particular expertise in youth engagement, campus outreach, faith leaders & community outreach, African American outreach, Jewish community outreach
  • Early vote strategy development
  • GOTV strategy and implementation - Field plan, strategy, community outreach
  • Fellowship/Volunteer recruitment and management strategies
  • Talent recruitment -
    • Managing campaign HR relations
    • Recruiting, interviewing, vetting, and hiring candidates
    • Training - training candidates, staffers, and principals on campaign data platforms and best practices (i.e. NGP VAN/Vote Builder, NationBuilder, Blue State Digital, etc).
    • Candidate call time - training and overseeing candidate call time, building fundraising lists, and more.
  • Direct mail targeting, voter guides, postcards, door hangers, and more. We will bring our creative and strategic talents to effectively communicate with current and potential supporters and voters
  • Building campaign budgets
  • Event planning/Logistics

Our partners have decades of experience and expertise, along with some of the most innovative designs ranging from logos, illustrations, brochures, printed materials, and websites. We are also expert certified with a major data and communications platform, which offers additional ways for us to build state of the art websites, manage digital platforms and email programs, as well as promote your campaign, organization, or business.

  • Digital Strategies/Organizing - Social media, interactive materials (petitions, sign-ups, list acquisition and management)
  • Creating & managing high impact websites
  • Digital outreach - Fundraising e-mails, paid advertising, marketing promotions

Whether you are a small local business or large firm, our team can work with you to better engage your customers. We will bring our communications, data, and outreach expertise to help achieve and exceed your goals.

  • Brand development & management
  • Digital outreach strategy
  • Website development & management
  • Data analysis
  • Database management
  • Identifying new markets
  • Crisis communications
  • Direct mail targeting, advertisements, door hangers, letters, and more. We will bring our creative and strategic talents to effectively communicate with current and potential customers