You may have read about the 3K1A Team on our website, but we wanted to give our readers the opportunity to get to know us better. We are kicking off our “Coffee with 3K1A” series with our very own Matthew Metz. As our Communications and Public Engagement Strategist, Matt is essential to our clients getting their message out to their target audience and in the organizational arena. But that is just one part of his story (another being the distinct possibility of him having stolen his lovely fiancee’s cat…but that’s another chapter).



Read on to learn more, think of it as a virtual coffee with us – we’ll be sure to e-mail the lattes!


  1. Who are some of the folks who inspire your work?

There are several people who inspire my work. My family has always been active in the community. I strive to follow in their footsteps. Further, my passion for service and political activism was further solidified by Vice Crockenberg, my AP Government teacher in high school. Finally, I seek to follow the example of many elected officials doing great work across the nation including President Barack Obama, Mayor Miro Weinberger in Burlington, VT, Senator Patrick Leahy, and Congressman Peter Welch.

  1. When did you realize the true power of communication?

I first realized the power of communication when I was an intern in the Political Department of Democracy for America. During the course of the internship, I learned the components of a strong campaign and how to write emails and communications that encourage action. It was inspiring to see how well crafted communications can connect and mobilize activists nationwide around a cause and result in substantive change.

  1. Name your favorite super hero or cartoon and why?

My favorite super hero is Batman. I loved watching the cartoon on the weekends!

  1. If not the U.S., what other country would you live in?

Japan. I love the food, culture, and the people.

5.  Tell us your hometown and name the of coolest qualities and/or facts about it?

Charlotte, VT. It’s a really small town that is right on Lake Champlain.There is great cross country skiing in the winter and tons of great places to hike in the summer!

  1.  Any cool philosophies, mottos or quotes that encourage you to live to your full potential?

The best advice I have ever received is “don’t listen to the naysayers.” These are words by which I now live every day. Some tell youth that they should not go for one opportunity or another because we are too young and that it is not our time. Youth should pursue any position in which they are interested and not let age be a barrier. Indeed, I have found that most are excited to see youth get involved in service and activism and are eager to help them achieve their goals.