About 3K1A Strategies

3K1A Strategies is a public engagement and communications firm specializing in message development, organizational outreach and event management based in the Washington, D.C. area. 3K1A’s mission is to help organizations and companies to reach their target audiences via well thought out, metrics driven tactics. We believe in making the strategies and tools behind the most successful products of the day accessible to all of our clients - and bring tested skills in the areas of organizational efficiency, customer outreach and digital techniques to the projects on which we work.

Our vision is to help you be reach your target audience. Whether you’re launching a new product, hosting a large scale conference or building awareness about an issue impacting your community - we are here to move your message forward.

Meet The Team

Kouri Marshall

Public Engagement Strategist

Kouri C. Marshall's has a track record of success for creating, innovating and managing organizational effectiveness.

Matthew Metz

Communications Strategist

Matthew Metz has a decade of experience in community organizing, event planning, and project management.